What are the top 10 beauty treatments?

It's not exactly cheap, but if you're looking for results, the HydraFacial meets every conceivable requirement. Filler, Moisturizer, Collagen Booster? Tick, tick. Every 15 seconds, a HydraFacial is performed, an essential treatment worldwide, making it one of the most popular beauty treatments in the world. From £200 at Mallucci London (opens in a new tab) and £145 at The Prager Clinic (opens in a new tab) or find a nearby clinic in Hydrafacial (opens in a new tab) From £145 per hour at Hershesons Berners Street (opens in a new tab) and Liberty London (opens in a new tab) If you're a fan of Dra's skin.

Barbara Sturm products (seriously, who isn't?) , you'll love the exclusive SturmGlow facial treatment. This is the type of facial treatment that gives shine and is worth saving before an important event. From £225 at Dr. Barbara Sturm London Boutique & Spa (opens in a new tab) In addition to hydra-dermabrasion (as used in Hytrafacial), facial massage and LED phototherapy, the treatment incorporates something called transderm.

Using electrical pulses, the transderm temporarily breaks the bonds within the skin and delivers hyaluronic acid to the deeper layers. When applied to the lower third of the face, this treatment tightens, smoothes and lifts. Promising to replicate an exuberant island experience, this healing ritual with raindrops includes several massage techniques for the body and scalp to release toxins and boost the immune system. Only 100% pure essential oils are used, and a facial cleansing is included for glowing skin, as well as to increase the well-being of the entire body.

To continue the relaxed atmosphere at home, try an expert pampering routine to calm your mind, body and soul. Starting at £45 for one hour at STILL London The latest in the world of wellness is The Body Lab, which fuses the power of modern science with world-class wellness facilities. The floating tank allows guests to get carried away during a 45-minute session, in which sensory deprivation, coupled with being submerged in warm water with half a ton of Epsom salts, results in a deeply relaxing experience. The Dreampod eliminates all sensory stimuli, which account for 90% of neuromuscular activity, meaning it conserves and redirects large amounts of physical and mental energy during the session.

Dry floating is also said to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, and celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Lawrence defend the calming effects and benefits for the skin. This exquisite treatment for both body and face is designed to increase shine all over the body, making it a perfect preparation before a special occasion. The treatment, which is an exercise for the skin, includes a 30-minute expert sculptor massage to help contour the body, while lemon, peppermint and May Chang essential oils firm and detoxify the skin. The treatment ends with a specific 60-minute facial massage, which combines flow and rhythm to leave the skin sculpted and shiny.

Starting at 15€ at Kerastase salons (opens in a new tab) across the country Whether you have short, straight or forward-facing lashes, or you just want a break from the best mascara, Lash Perfect Lift can be the perfect eyelash treatment. In a 40-minute session, LPL lifts, curls and colors natural lashes for a lengthening and thickening effect that lasts up to eight weeks. From 16€ at Benefit Boutiques across the country (opens in a new tab) From 15€ at Emmy Creates London (opens in a new tab). From chemical peels to lipolysis, botox, facelifts or laser treatments, all of them are here to improve skin texture and make you feel more beautiful this year.


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