What hair salon is in walmart?

SmartStyle is a full-service hair salon within Walmart that offers the hairstyle you want at an affordable price. Get a quality haircut and color in a.

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. On a recent trip to Walmart, you may have stumbled upon a SmartStyle salon.

These Walmart salons are popping up all over the U.S. UU. And abroad, and a lot of people are excited about them. They sought to create an affordable, conveniently located salon brand that offered a wide range of services for the entire family.

We spent a couple of decades and there are currently more than 2,000 SmartStyle salons at Walmart located in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. There are nearly 2000 different SmartStyle owners, so there's a lot of variation in the way salons work. But satisfied customers will say that these salons usually do one thing right: affordable hairdressing services for the whole family. SmartStyle beauty salons are usually open from mid-morning to early at night.

Most are open seven days a week, although some lounges are closed on Sundays. Do you need an elegant dog for the holidays? SmartStyle can help. Most SmartStyle salons are open on the days surrounding a major holiday, although they may have shorter hours on days such as New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve. Like most other franchised salons, SmartStyle salons set their own prices.

Even so, you probably want to know how much your visit to the beauty salon could cost. Here's a list of average beauty salon prices to give you an idea of how much everything will cost. Keep in mind that people with hair longer than shoulder length may have to pay an additional fee. Seniors get 10% off hair products and all services.

You must be at least 65 years old to qualify. You don't need a special coupon or a redemption code to access the price reduction. Just mention to your stylist that you're eligible for the senior discount during checkout. The discounted amount may vary by location, so please contact your beauty salon before your visit.

Current and retired military, police officers, first responders, veterans, and firefighters are all eligible. You'll need to show proof of your service to qualify, and the discount may vary depending on your location. SmartStyle salons offer a wide variety of beauty and hairdressing services. Remember that not all services may be available at your local salon.

Without further ado, here is a list of all the services that SmartStyle offers. SmartStyle has a selection of haircut packages available for men, women and children. Here's a list of haircut services you can expect at your local SmartStyle salon. Whether you're having a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, SmartStyle stylists can help you bring your favorite hairstyle to life.

If you have a specific style in mind, show an image to your stylist so they can recreate the look. These are the styling services offered in several SmartStyle salons. Texture services change the natural pattern of your hair. Your stylist can use them to loosen your natural curls or add some texture to straight locks.

Here's a list of texture services your local SmartStyle salon can offer. The list varies by location, so check with your local salon to see if they offer the treatment you want. Before your coloring service, your stylist will talk to you to understand what works best for you. They have semi-permanent, semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes available in a range of stunning shades.

Thermal and chemical processing can leave your locks feeling dry, brittle and lifeless. SmartStyle offers a variety of nourishing conditioning treatments that can help restore moisture and strength to hair. Your stylist can help you decide which conditioning treatment best suits your needs. SmartStyle salons don't just treat the hair on your head.

They also offer a variety of waxing services. Waxing isn't available at all SmartStyle locations, so check with your local salon before your visit. The stylists at your local SmartStyle salon can trim or cut your beard to your specifications, whether you have a goat beard or a lumberjack beard. They can give you a full cut or simply touch up your beard between visits.

Walmart salon prices vary depending on the salon you visit, so try to check beforehand. SmartStyle stylists keep up to date with a selection of modern styles, including models. The fades are even included in the company's hairstyle inspiration catalog. If you have your heart placed in a particular incision, be sure to go to the appointment with one or two photographs.

That way, the stylist can have a clear idea of what they want to do. Most SmartStyle salons accept cash, credit and debit cards. They accept all major cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Despite being located at Walmart, SmartStyle doesn't accept credit or gift cards from Walmart.

Accepted payment methods may vary by location, so please contact your local salon for specific details. Many SmartStyle salons accept Apple Pay. However, this is not the case everywhere. If you want to know if your local salon accepts Apple Pay, you can check it online or call them to find out.

Alternatively, you can bring a second form of payment to your hairdressing appointment. Like most salons, tipping is recommended, but not required in SmartStyle salons. You should generally expect a tip of between 15 and 25% of the total cost. For excellent service, try to tip your stylist.

Giving good tips to your stylist helps you build a relationship with them and may lead to better service on future visits. SmartStyle salons allow you to book an appointment up to three days before the desired date. You can call to book your time or use the SmartStyle app. SmartStyle salons prioritize appointments over walk-in visits, so book your session early to avoid long waits.

SmartStyle salons accept walk-in visitors at all locations. Once you enter the salon and talk to an available employee, they will inform you of the estimated wait time. Once your stylist is ready, the employee will take you to the back so you can start your service. SmartStyle recently launched a mobile application that allows you to book appointments for you and your guests up to three days in advance, view your estimated wait times, receive reminders and notifications, and track your preferred location and services.

You can download the SmartStyle mobile app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Although SmartStyle doesn't have a hair donation program, their stylists will cut your hair to make a donation. Please note that you may be charged the full price for the haircut, depending on the location. That varies from salon to salon, as some sites offer reduced or free haircuts if you bring your donation form.

Check your local salon to see if they offer a discount for scheduling a donation. SmartStyle stylists are trained on a variety of different hair types. They accept all hair textures and offer a wide range of products to meet everyone's needs. However, it's impossible to know if a SmartStyle salon can cut black people's hair.

Each salon has a unique set of stylists with different professional experiences. While some places can comb black hair, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is. Contact your local salon ahead of time and ask if they have stylists available who have experience working with black hair. Black hair has specific needs, and finding an expert stylist can help reduce the risk of an unsatisfying experience.

Most customers rate SmartStyle as excellent for children. They love that the salons are conveniently located at Walmart. Parents also love the children's discount and say stylists are patient with their little ones. Stylists do their best to ensure that both parents and children leave the salon happy.

Satisfied customers say they've experienced excellent customer service. Many critics were able to find their ideal stylist and many still visit them regularly. That way, you'll understand the costs clearly and there won't be any confusion. They say that the stylists did not respond to them in time and that the communication left much to be desired.

Appointments take priority over walk-in visits, so book a time slot if you're worried about waiting. Don't hesitate to ask questions and get as much information as possible before and during your appointment. The more direct you are with the stylist, the happier you'll be when you get out of your chair. SmartStyle salons offer a variety of services that will meet the needs of your entire family.

Each service is performed by a highly trained stylist and has an affordable price. Prices, schedules, haircuts, Sport Clips payment options, 26% more prices, schedules, services, Regis Salon products and much more ABOUT THE BLOG TERMS OF CONTACT AND PRIVACY. Whether you're looking for a special product for curly, aging, fine, dry, or oily hair, or you're simply looking for a shampoo and conditioner set that's perfect for daily use, you'll have no problem finding it here. Cost Cutters and Fiesta Salon are two other well-known hairdressing brands owned by Regis Corporation.

Like Walmart, SmartStyle offers just about any brand and type of salon-quality hair care product you could ever need. I went to Walmart for the smart style to get a short haircut, instead I put on a choppy, dirty hairstyle with no lift or texture on the top. Now, let's see exactly how much you can expect to pay for hairdressing services and more at Walmart salons across the country. So if you go to a SmartStyle salon in another city or state, chances are you're still paying the same price.

With the salon's excellent customer service and incredible prices, the brand can quickly attract customers for life. Well, I finally went to a beauty salon for the first time to get some locks done, so they suggested applying aluminum foil to get highlights and low lights, also a special color of ash brown, but nevertheless, my hair was dyed before this appointment. If your hairdresser agrees to dye your hair again and it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, just be glad you didn't have to get a “chemical” haircut, black is VERY difficult to remove. With Walmart hairdressers, the brand can easily catch many customers who are already passing through Walmart running errands or doing their shopping.

If you want to save money but still get the same great look at home that you enjoyed at the beauty salon, consider the affordable SmartStyle brand from its parent company, Regis. . .

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