What beauty products are necessary?

Essential skin care products (the six products you really need to have), cleanser. It seems that a lot of people are still skeptical about toner. Yes, even oily guys and girls need moisturizing cream. The right formula cleanses the skin without eliminating essential and healthy oils.

Take it easy with scrubs (use once a week) and avoid scrubs that contain crushed nut shells or abrasive ingredients. That overproduction of oil will likely inspire excessive exfoliation. In fact, most of the “problems” of oily skin, dry skin, pimpled skin, and wrinkled skin cause excessive exfoliation, as beauty enthusiasts tend to believe that each and every skin problem can be eliminated. Conversely, peeling too much (for example, more than once or twice a week) “breaks the skin barrier,” explains Dr.

Xenovia, “exposes the skin to a greater risk of sensitivity and sun damage and causes inflammation”. With the skin barrier burned with acid to oblivion, “the skin could have problems retaining water and, therefore, drying it out,” he explains. In that facial massage tip, remember that skin support doesn't have to come in the form of bottled skin care products. You probably already know that every solid skincare routine should include a gentle facial cleanser, a moisturizer, and a decent sunscreen (please, please don't skip this step, folks), but when it comes to the intermediate steps (i.e.

Serums, tonics, essences, etc. Scroll below to see the six must-have products every skincare routine needs. The tonic is often dismissed as overstated, but as part of a comprehensive skin care regimen, the toner is actually quite a crucial step. Not only does it remove any oil or makeup residue, but it also prepares your clean skin for any treatment you put on next.

Think of it as a pre-serum or a pre-moisturizer. We love this rose-infused facial toner from Herbovire because it's gentle yet effective. Packed with active ingredients, serums are for brightening, repairing, hydrating and combating aging. Some serve multiple purposes and others are unique in the way they work.

You can superimpose these bad boys or choose one to focus on your biggest skin problem. We love this vegan and anti-aging serum from D'Alba because it's packed with ingredients that love the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and nourishing olive and avocado oils. This is a crucial step, though definitely not a daily one, in your skincare routine. The best way to exfoliate your face is to use a cleanser with chemical exfoliants or use a specific physical scrub.

Either way, aim to use this product approximately twice a week. Chemical exfoliants are best for sensitive skin, and physical exfoliants (with sandy parts) are good for occasional use if the skin is dry and flaky. Try Kate Sommerville's cult favorite Exfolikate formula and you won't regret it. These are the big shots, usually to treat blemishes, dark spots and congested pores.

Specific treatments usually have powerful ingredients that should be used sparingly and (usually) at night to avoid damage caused by sun sensitivity, but they actually work. Retinols and hyperpigmentation treatments fall into this category. There's a reason why GLAMGLOW's specific pore refining formulas are the best sellers. KORRES Wild Rose Active Brightening Oil with Vitamin C is one of those moisturizers that brighten and moisturize the skin, and you can find it as an ingredient in skin care or simply use it alone.

The first step to healthy skin is to make sure you take off all of your makeup for the day. A cleansing oil is a must even before use with the facial cleanser to ensure that all makeup, including waterproof eye makeup, dissolves. A cleansing oil removes makeup gently and dirt simply glides on, ensuring that you don't pull your delicate skin unnecessarily. Make your cleaner work even better with a sonic cleaning brush.

Why use your fingertips to move the cleaner when you can use a sonic cleaning brush to increase the efficiency of your cleaning? Anyway, you spend time cleaning your face, so make sure you achieve maximum and optimal results. Cleaning with a Clarisonic sonic device will give you 6 times better cleaning than you would get just with your hands. Using this sonic cleansing brush will remove skin impurities and improve the appearance of the skin by softening and smoothing the surface. The delicate skin around your eyes also needs hydration, but don't think about applying your daily cream to that sensitive area.

The eyes require special treatment, since the skin around that area is thinner and a moisturizer that is too heavy can cause eye swelling and other problems. Apply a light eye gel and apply it to the upper part of the cheekbone, under the eyes. Your skin will naturally absorb the right amount of product. Serums are essential to your skincare routine, as most of us have issues that we'd like to address.

Serums provide an additional boost to your moisturizer and should be applied after cleansing, before face cream. Because they're more powerful than your face cream, start using serums at night so you get the benefits while you sleep. With gluconic acid that increases hydration, your skin is smoother, exfoliated and, overall, more beautiful. To avoid the noise, I asked two dermatologists how you should care for your skin in this era of beauty influencers, products in abundance, and general confusion about skin care.

Since many beauty products contain preservatives, chemicals, or fragrances that could irritate or dry out the skin, it's a good idea to introduce new products one at a time. . .

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